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Naked bike ride story

Cycling naked felt very exclusive to Caroline. All alongside the roadside, spectators stood or sat in different open cafés watching and cheering as the unclad and partially clad cyclists rolled slowly by, and Caroline now felt extra than ever that she changed into considered one of them. She sat as upright as she ought to whilst suffering barely uphill and driven her chest out, aware that she became baring her breasts to dozens, perhaps hundreds, of people.

She thought less approximately what components of the other cyclists she could see and for the first time focussed on what all and sundry should see of her. She puzzled what it might be want to be absolutely bare, but it changed into no longer practical to prevent and take away her knickers, nor would she but have had the courage to do so — but she favored imagining it. Many of the spectators have been waving on the riders, and Caroline commenced waving lower back and smiling.

At the pinnacle of the hill, the trip became and proceeded downhill, picking up speed as they rolled past wave after wave of spectators. They became in brief alongside the prom that ran along the cliffs overlooking the sea earlier than making a pointy flip and rolling down a steep street main to the seafront below, and now Caroline truely felt the apparent wind throughout her bare breasts.

More spectators and photographers watched as the cyclists made every other sharp flip to the left at the lowest of the hill. Caroline waved again as she became rounding the turn, when she noticed several huge digital camera lenses pointed directly at her. She flushed barely at the realisation that they have been focussed on her and her bare breasts, however she made no attempt to hide them and continued on her naked bike journey.