# CMNF.eu  - Wet and nude girl has to strip after getting a drenching

Wet and nude girl has to strip after getting a drenching

Today’s post is in response to a request from a friend who asked if I could find any nude scenes featuring 1970s sex bomb Gabrielle Drake, best known for playing purple haired moon babe Gay Ellis in the TV series UFO. I think this video should fit the bill nicely. What we have here is a clip from the 1972 British sex comedy Au Pair Girls (aka The Young Playmates) although sex comedy is perhaps something of an understatement as this saucy number is verging on being soft porn. The plot revolves around the four titular au pair girls who have arrived in the UK to take up their respective positions and become involved in a series of steamy escapades which involve them losing their clothes at every opportunity. Gabrielle Drake plays the ribaldly named Randi (I should point out that “randy” is English slang for sexually aroused) who in this scene strips off her clothes after falling into a water trough, leaving her wet and nude in full view of her male companion who decides the best thing to do is take her to a friend of his in search of some dry clothes. The friend in question just happens to be a photographer who is busy taking shots of a naked girl (played by Christine Donna) for a bubble bath advert but is suffering from something of a creative block. The arrival of the deliciously wet and nude Gabrielle inspires him to create his masterpiece and means we get to feast our eyes on two naked girls at once. Given that Au Pair Girls is awash with full frontal female nudity throughout I can warmly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys the sight of naturally beautiful naked women (and it probably goes without saying that there is plenty to keep double entendre fans happy too).

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